Manufacturing and trading

Goldwealth Capital Sdn Bhd ('GC')

GC is presently dormant.

Wire Master Spring Sdn Bhd ('WMS')

WMS specialises in the manufacture of precision springs, which are used in a cross section of industries ranging from electrical and electronics to automotive and general household and consumer products. The company has a diversified clientele base, of which are many multinational corporations from Malaysia as well as those in overseas such as Europe, Middle East, South East Asia and South Pacific. A wide range of machines are used in the production, such as fully automated mechanical and computer controlled coiling machines, wire forming machines, heat treatment facilities, precision tool-making machines etc. WMS operates from its 40,000 sq. ft. factory in Penang, Malaysia. WMS's range of 40 precision spring making machines reflects the company's prominent status as one of the leading precision spring maker in this region. Website :